Exotic Hardwoods & Veneers is pleased that we have received the Scientific Certification Systems Chain-of-Custody Certificate (SCS-COC-000896).

In today’s building market, architects, designers and building owners alike want solutions that offer high quality products and make environmental sense. We can help you build greener.

  • We have the largest stock of FSC® Certified veneers and lumber on the West Coast
  • We manufacture 100% FSC® architectural panels
  • Our products contribute toward earning points for LEED® Certification
  • We have been an FSC®-Certified company since 2003

FSC® is a forest conservation program whose goal is “to recognize the highest levels of performance in … environmental protection and social responsibility … and to stimulate continuous improvement in sustainable development.” They accredit third-party certification bodies such as SCS to conduct assessments of forestry operations and companies that sell lumber or products made from wood. These assessments are conducted using regional representatives and indicators that are based on the FSC® Principles and Criteria.

FSC Trademark © 1996 Forest Stewardship Council A.C.

Forest Stewardship Council is the world’s leading forest certification system

FSC’s system ensures that forests are harvested and maintained in a well-managed manner, and that recreational, social, economic and aboriginal needs are considered. FSC is the only forest certification system approved by the United States Green Building Council for use as “certified wood” in the Council’s Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design (LEED®) Rating System.

Additional information on the Forest Stewardship Council is on their website: Information on the United States Green Building Council is at

FSC-approved substrates such as MDF and Particle Board are available, as well as FSC-Certified Fire-Rated No-Added-Formaldehyde MDF.

It is the policy of Exotic Hardwoods & Veneers to avoid using wood from forest areas where traditional or civil rights are violated; forest areas where high conservation values are threatened by management activities; wood from forests in which genetically modified trees are planted; wood that has been harvested illegally or wood harvested from areas which have been converted from natural forest to plantations or non-forest uses. Exotic Hardwoods has appointed Mr. Robert Nichols as the contact person responsible for implementing this policy.

If it is demonstrated that this company is using wood from such sources in its FSC certified products, we will promptly take appropriate actions, including stopping purchases from such sources.

Exotic Hardwoods & Veneers is committed to making best efforts to identify the sources of wood used for products labeled according to the FSC rules, and to establish the origin of materials used in the products affected with sufficient geographical resolution to ensure compliance with the policy. If it proves impossible to identify the origin of some of these raw materials, we are committed to replacing them with materials which can be sourced with confidence. Our sourcing policy requires us to verify and monitor our sources, the proportions of raw materials which have not yet been verified, and the steps being taken to replace materials of unknown origin.