Silver Series

Color and texture are some of the most important elements in design. Until now, designers have been constrained when using wood by the natural browns, reds and yellows we’re so used to. Exotic Hardwoods & Veneers is pleased to expand your palette with the introduction of The Silver Series.

Currently consisting of Silver Stone Eucalyptus, Silver Maple, Silver Oak and Silver Stone Oak, these veneers provide a wide range of appearances in the much-desired grey palette. From the smooth, sophisticated look of Silver Maple to the rugged, rustic textures of the Resawn Silver Stone Cluster Oak, designers have an enormous range with which to get their desired feeling.

Treated with a naturally-occurring organic acid extracted from oak galls, these veneers are extremely colorfast. The subtle shades of silver and grey are accented by hints of tan and brown. Left unsanded, one finds a pleasing textured appearance, with flecks of darker grey, ranging almost to black. For a more polished appearance, sand the veneer before finishing.

Please visit our showroom to see these, and our complete collection of exquisite veneers.