Rustic & Reclaimed Beam Oak

Oak has long been one of the favorite woods of designers and craftspeople alike. Whilst Rift and Plain Sliced cuts have long predominated, today we see a more rustic and organic look coming into favor. Exotic Hardwoods’ Rustic Oak veneer, characterized by knots, swirling grain and the occasional crack, brings a new life and vibrancy to this venerable wood. Laid up in a Random Match, our Rustic Oak gives a fresh meaning to this old favorite.

This bold new veneer shows wide variations in color, which allows the designer a high degree of latitude in its use. Add to this the subtle textural variations achievable with a careful finish selection, and you have a veneer that is both beautiful and versatile.

This wonderfully rustic veneer, sliced from salvaged ancient European farmhouse beams, delights the senses. Each leaf is unique, resulting in a richly-textured appearance. Characterized by knots and weathered cracks, the color ranges from blonde to a rich honey brown. Laid up in a random match, Reclaimed European Oak is perfect in a casual setting.