California Salvaged Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus globulus

Are you looking for beautiful, locally-sourced wood veneer? Look no further than Exotic Hardwoods’ Salvaged California Eucalyptus veneer. This wood offers you a variety of looks, with the color ranging from a soft golden to a warm tan tone. The grain varies from the quiet elegance of the unfigured wood to the strong undulating patterns of our highly figured veneer. Some see a marked similarity in color to rift white oak.

Introduced to the California Coast by Australian immigrants during the Gold Rush, our California Eucalyptus logs are part of California’s rich history. As a portion of our expanding inventory of local woods, our California Eucalyptus is sourced within a hundred-mile radius of San Francisco and qualifies for the LEED MR5 credit. We have a large inventory on hand of this beautiful veneer.